Pest Animal Poisoning Programs

Animal poisoning programs are essential to rid Australia of feral, and invasive animal species.

We work with a number of animal poisons that can be used to effectively control feral animals that are predators to native Australian animals, or have a negative impact on the country’s environment and resources.

Some of the programs we offer that are proven to achieve results use doses of 1080, strychnine, pindone, alphachloralose, and phosphine, plus a host of other safe and effective poisons. These animal poisoning products are mostly used to get wild dogs/dingoes, feral pigs, rabbits, foxes and some pest birds under control.

After working with these non-toxic poisons in the pest animal control industry for the last 33 years, Mike Butcher has extensive experience dealing with Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD), as well as a range of other biological pest control methods.

A History of Success

Our poisoning programs have been successful across Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria. Our protection of marine turtle nests at Gnaraloo Station in Western Australia achieved 100% success, and our work dealing with predator foxes has seen a phenomenal result of zero fox related issues over four seasons.

Some of our other accomplishments include saving an estimated 45,600 turtle eggs over a four-year period, as well as a rabbit-poisoning program that was ran along the coast of Western Australia and in Perth that resulted in the control of 92% of wild rabbits.

Our carefully-planned animal poison programs are conducted with the utmost care, achieving outstanding results, with no incidents.