Animal Pest Management Services

specialises in humane feral animal control and native wildlife management for urban areas, industrial areas, farms, mine sites and wildlife sanctuaries both for government and the general public.

Based in Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia, we cater to clients around Australia, delivering our services in every State.

As well as feral and wild animal control, we also specialise in capture and relocation of animals as well as surveys and monitoring of pest and native fauna. We provide a consulting service for advice, management plans and the impacts of invasive species on native fauna. Training services are provided on the full range of vertebrate pest methods and activities from humane firearms use on animals right through to working in remote locations. We also have a range of animal traps and poisons for retail.

Our Mission Statement is “To provide the best pest animal management that is available to our clients around Australia through innovation, knowledge and passion”.

We were the company who developed the current practice of fox trapping in urban environments in WA and we still lead the way today. Our integrated rabbit control programs were the first to be adopted in urban Perth and they are the programs that others try to copy. As the saying goes “Imitation is the best form of flattery” but they are only an imitation!

Managing Director Mike Butcher has been awarded the 2014 Australasian Wildlife Management Society Practitioners Award for the management of loggerhead turtles at Gnaraloo, Western Australia, reducing fox predation from 80-100% to zero for the past 5 seasons.

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Animal Pest Management Services
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