Pest Animal Shooting

Our specialist animal control services include professional shooting and hunting programs for population control or eradication programs – predominately used for foxes, wild dogs/dingoes, feral cats, feral pigs, feral goats, donkeys, camels, deer, birds, rabbits, native pest fauna and escaped animals. We have successfully undertaken shooting programs throughout all States of Australia, earning us the reputation as leaders in fox and other pest animal shooting services across the country.

All animal shooting services are conducted by specially trained and qualified professional shooters, using the latest in quality hunting equipment – with firearms ranging from .177 air rifles through to large calibre rifles – all under our Corporate Firearms License.

We also have night vision equipment (including goggles and night scopes), infrared spotlights and thermal imaging equipment to assist with efficiencies in providing the highest standards for pest animal shooting in Australia.


Our senior operational staff have experience in successfully conducting aerial culling operations from helicopters on feral pigs, goats, camels, donkeys, horses and buffalo in all States across Australia. For this advanced animal shooting service our staff have completed specialist training in aerial culling operations.

We can also provide independent auditing, advice and assessment of aerial culling operations for safety, humaneness (animal welfare) and operational procedures.

With an established background of demonstrated, effective and humane aerial culling operations on feral horses, camels and donkeys we guarantee our aerial culling programs operate as safely, humanely and efficiently as possible. In a recent program, we shot 1185 animals in 40 hours using 2.3 rounds per animal, which included the policy of “overkill” (2 shots per animal) and flybacks.

For further information, advice or enquiries about the pest animal shooting service we offer, please contact Animal Pest Management Services today.