Animal Control Training

On top of professional pest animal control services, we can provide training in all aspects of vertebrate animal pest control, including:

  • The use of poisons for pest control
  • Use of firearms to destroy animals
  • Fox, Dog and other animal trapping training
  • Training on working and navigating in remote locations
  • Animal surveying
  • Animal control legislation training
  • 4WD use

… and more.

We have experience training professional ‘doggers’ to work in industry trapping and baiting wild dogs on pastoral properties, as well as conducting in-field training in Vertebrate Pest Management to nationally accredited standards in conjunction with RTO Farm Information Services.


On top of this, we conduct competency testing for those wishing to be licensed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) to be kangaroo shooters issued with a Regulation 6 license.

We also conduct Firearms Safety Tests for persons wishing to be issued a firearms license by the WA Police.

For further information or enquiries regarding any form of animal pest control training, contact the professionals at Animal Pest Management Services today.