Animal Capture & Relocation

Animal Pest Management Services specialise in live capture of wild or feral animals and native fauna for assessment, monitoring or relocation. This service is designed to safely and humanely remove wild animals from unwelcoming locations, and is predominately used for birds, all native fauna (including snakes, possums), deer and even escaped domestic animals.

Capture and relocation services, as well as fauna spotting of native fauna can be required as a result of pits and drain work, vegetation clearing and reintroduction programs.



All Animal Pest Management Services staff have completed specialist training in fauna handling to ensure our animal capture services are performed with in the safest, most humane and most efficient manner.

Wild animal capture of any variety should always be done by a professional for the safety of both the animal and the general public – which is why we implore you call the qualified and experienced professionals at APSM if in need of wild animal or escaped domestic capture services, including common snake or possum relocation requests.



We use our decades of experience researching and handling native fauna to provide professional animal relocation services that ensure efficient, long lasting results. We don’t treat animal capture and relocation as a band-aid solution, paying careful attention to relocations that have the animals and the general publics best interests at heart.

For further information or enquiries about the professional animal capture and relocation services we provide throughout all States of Australia, contact Animal Pest Management Services today.