Animal Control Services


We offer professional animal trapping services using modern and humane methods of capture for wild animal population reduction programs. This service is used for feral animal control including cats, foxes, wild dogs/dingoes, goats, pigs, birds, native pest animals and escaped animals.

Our success rate on trapping foxes, wild dogs and feral cats is the highest in the industry, with average annual capture rates of foxes of 1 per 8 trap nights in high risk locations, and 1:6 generally.



Our animal control services include professional shooting and hunting for population control and eradication programs. Shooting is conducted by specially trained and qualified professional shooters, using the latest quality equipment to hunt foxes, wild dogs/dingoes, feral cats, feral pigs, feral goats, donkeys, camels, deer, birds, rabbits, native pest fauna and escaped animals.

Our senior operational staff also conduct aerial culling operations from helicopters, a procedure used across all states in Australia for population control of feral pigs, goats, camels, donkeys, horses and buffalo.



Managing Director Mike Butcher has been involved with professional animal poisoning programs in Australia for over 33 years, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to executing a number of carefully planned and highly successful poisoning programs to control feral and introduced pest animals.

Pest animal control poisoning programs are conducted using 1080, strychnine, etcpindone, alphachloralose, phosphine, etc., and are carefully planned and executed for use predominantly on wild dogs/dingoes, feral pigs, rabbits, foxes and some pest birds.



We provide integrated pest animal control or eradication programs using any or all of the possible control methods, carefully selected to achieve optimum results for each situation – providing solutions for feral cats, feral pigs, foxes and wild dogs.

With many years experience advising landholders and governments on the options and methods for feral animal control under our belt, we’re confident on finding the right solution for you.

Feral Foxes
Feral Cats
Feral Pigs
Wild Dogs / Dingoes



Animal Pest Management Services specialise in live and humane capture of wild or feral animals and native fauna for assessment, monitoring and relocation. This service is used predominantly for birds, all native fauna (including snakes, possums), deer and escaped domestic animals – with all our staff having completed specialist training in fauna handling.



We offer monitoring and assessment services of wild, native fauna and feral animal populations including surveys of presence, abundance, activity or damage using the latest science and methods.

Our monitoring and assessment programs include trapping, track counts, vegetation monitoring, distance sampling and spotlight counting – with comprehensive reports for our clients that can include GPS data with GIS mapping.



We have over 35 years experience providing consulting services on all aspects of management and control of wild and introduced pest animals to landowners, government, industry and private sectors right across Australia. You can be sure the advice you get from Animal Pest Management Services is the best there is.



We can provide training in all aspects of vertebrate pest control, including the use of poisons, use of firearms to destroy animals, wild dog trapping, working and navigating in remote locations, animal surveys, legislation, 4WD use, etc.

We conduct in-field training in Vertebrate Pest Management to nationally accredited standards, as well as competency testing for Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) kangaroo shooting licenses and Firearm Safety Testing.

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